Britannia Bearsbys 2.0

It’s time once more for another entry into the Britannia Bearsbys blog! You may have noticed if you’ve been to our site before that it has changed recently. Quite dramatically in fact. In January last year (2015) we decided to move our operation over to Aylesford, Maidstone. We decided it was time to take the step up our operation, move to a more central location within kent to a brand new and improved office space with a much larger onsite storage facility.
Over the last year we have been hard at work updating almost everything that we have been doing. We have employed some new office and removals staff, purchased two brand new removals trucks and slowly but surely we have updated all of our advertising and marketing material. We decided that all of this hard work would go to waste it we did not show it off and tell people about it.
The internet is probably the most important thing to any business. It allows potential customers to find us and understand our ideas and values. It also gives them a way of contacting us to find out more information. For that reason we took the re-design of our company website incredibly seriously. We realised that in today’s society it’s easy to get so caught up in designing a website to rank well in google that you can forget the primary reason you have one in the first place. With this in mind we decided that we would start from the beginning. The whole point of this new site is to host great content that is relevant, interesting and completely unique to us. We are aiming to create a website about everything moving house so that anyone anywhere in the world could come to our site and find genuine, useful, relevant content about all things removals.
So there you have it! We have a new website which we are very proud of. You will find that some pages are still under development but soon they will be full of great content. If you have any questions about moving house to anywhere in the world. Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re also pleased to say this website has been entirely coded from scratch by Robert Bearsby.