‘I’m a removal man’. The sad truth is that I have sat at many a dinner party on a Friday night and been asked that question. When I have proudly made that statement it has rarely received gasps of appreciation or questions about what exactly it is that I do.
Whilst it cannot compete with being a Rock star or an Airline Pilot, the real truth is that it should at least be given some respect . A lot of respect and appreciation in fact. After all someone has to do it and whilst it is very hard work , it is seldom boring or repetitive. “What more” I would say, “could you ask for … than being outside all day , meeting new people in new different locations. I remember the day when….” and off I would go into tales about the largest house I have delivered to or the places I had been.
We crunched a few numbers here in Bearsby HQ and worked out the following. During an average day on an average local removal (although to be honest there is no such thing) a trained and skilled removal man:
· Will carry anywhere between 100 and 150 items on to a removals truck.

· He will then carry the same 100 to 150 items off of that removals truck.

· He will probably walk around 11 miles.

· Lift anything up to a total of 4 tonnes over the course of a day.
Not only do they do all this but have to manoeuvre difficult items in and out of potentially tricky hallways and staircases whilst at the same time remaining polite and cheerful throughout. We have to remain calm whilst our customers change their mind as to where to place their items and often have to move them to multiple locations within the new home until our customers are happy. We have to make sure that even though we may be on our 299th carry that day, have walked 10 miles and carried 3.9 tonnes of furniture, we still give that item the same care and attention we gave the others. All with a smile on our face.
So next time you move house , spare a thought for the removal man and remember, we may not be Rock stars but not many people can boast the figures above. Now ..can someone put the kettle on!