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Moving abroad – International Removals

Why are we the best overseas and shipping service in the UK?

    • 40 years experience moving families to new lives abroad
    • Our location in Kent gives us quick and easy access to all ports
    • Delivering professional services from packing to safe and secure delivery
International removals company

As a proud member of the Britannia Group. Britannia Bearsbys can ship any amount of furniture to anywhere in the world. Shown below are some of the places we go to on a regular basis.

If your destination is not shown on the list, please scroll down for more information or alternatively Contact Us and a member of our fantastic team will be happy to help!

moving abroad from the UK to Australia
moving abroad uk to france
moving abroad international removals uk to south africa
moving abroad from Uk to Denmark
moving abroad kent to italy
moving abroad uk sweden
moving abroad uk ro finland
moving abroad uk to New Zealand
moving abroad uk to united states of america

We have been moving people around the UK, Europe, the USA and the rest of the world since we began operation in 1987 and in recent years we have become the premier removals company for Furniture Removals to Italy. We are a family run removals company, we do everything in house, we use all of our own removals vehicles and we employ all of our own staff. We do not aim to be the cheapest removals company around but we aim to be the best. Moving abroad to places such as New Zealand, then contact us today?


As the UK’s largest independant moving group, Britannia has helped tens of thousands of families move home internationally for over 25 years. With our worldwide network of moving agents, you can be sure that Britannia will provide the highest level of service and care through every step of your move.

Whether you are looking to move a few items or the complete contents of your home across the world Britannia Bearsbys have a plan that will suit you. We can offer a number of different options such as FCL (Full Container Load), LCL (Less than Container load), Groupage or Airfreight.

FCL (Full Container Load)

A Full Container Load is where you have the sole use of a container either a 20ft or a 40ft depending on the size of your home. We export wrap and pack everything in your home and load the container directly from your property. The container is sealed and shipped and is not touched until it reaches the destination counrty. The goods are then cleared through customs by our overseas agents and then everything is delivered, unpacked and all the packing materials are removed.

Groupage or LCL

Groupage or LCL is for customers shipping a few items and not wishing or needing a full container to themselves. We therefore consolidate your goods and ship them in a shared container alongside other customers’ goods so that you only pay for the space you use. This provides considerable savings over having a full container to yourself. The service is exactly the same as for a full container other than your goods are removed from your property and forwarded to our shipping department for the container to be loaded alongside other consignments. As there are 40 Britannia Members sending goods to our shipping department the delay in shipping your goods is kept to a minimum and the savings can be considerable.


Airfreight. When delivery times are critical, airfreight is the best option particulary for smaller amounts. Our customers can take advantage of airfreight when shipping their homes by sea and wishing to have a few items, such as clothing, childrens toys, cots etc delivered ahead of the main consignment. This can often be a lot cheaper than you imagine and can solve the problem of being without your important items for weeks whilst they are being shipped accross the sea.


We class removals to Europe differently to international shipping because we carry these out directly in our own trucks. Britannia has trucks leaving for Europe every week. Your goods would be delivered to anywhere in Europe using our own staff and with full destination services such as unpacking and reassembling of furniture if required (by prior arrangement). Whether you are moving a full house or just a few items to a holiday home we have a plan to suit your needs. Our most popular option for moving to Europe is our part load service which is similar to our groupage system for international shipments. This is where we only charge for the amount of space you take up in our truck. This is particularly useful when you only wish to send a few items without the considerable cost of a dedicated truck. Running a truck to Europe is an expensive business and so by sharing the cost and by being flexible with delivery dates you can make great savings. Whether you choose a dedicated truck or a part load our level of service remains the same. For a dedicated load, the staff that load your home contents travel through Europe to deliver and so we can keep the continuity in the same way that a local UK removal would be covered.


Export wrapping is a service that we provide over and above our usual packing services. It gives extra protection to those items that may need a little more love and care on their journey to your new home. If you are moving internationally all of your items will be wrapped in this way. The “furnigaurd” (specialist material especially made for export wrapping) and extra card add protection that will be necessary for belongings placed in a container travelling long distances on a container ship.

On most occasions we will only export wrap furniture for international moves or what we call ‘deepsea’ removals. A European removal is effectively the same as a local domestic removal with a little more travelling time in between. Instead of using shipping containers, we load all of the furniture into the vehicle and drive it onto the continent so so it does not require as much protection as international shipping. However, if you have some select items that you are particularly worried about on either a domestic or European removal. Export wrapping is an additional service that we are happy to offer to ensure the safety and protection of your more valuable items.


We strongly recommend that you arrange Marine insurance cover for all shipments abroad. As you would expect Britannia Bearsbys have arranged Marine Insurance Policies which have been tailored to suit Household removals across the world. We offer different levels of cover through our insurers who have a Globally oriented approach and as such understand the different aspects of International Markets and the complexities of their insurance regulations. All of our shipping quotations automatically show the various options and prices for Marine Insurance to enable you to choose the level of cover that best suits your requirements.


Should you wish to ship your car or any motor vehicle abroad Britannia Bearsbys offer a comprehensive service that can help with any aspect of the removal. We offer a tailor-made and professional vehicle shipping service. We can advise you on the export and shipping process and will guide you through the formalities involved to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Every country has its own specific requirements for shipping vehicles and some countries require import licenses and certificates of cleaning etc to be obtained prior to shipping. It is well worth checking on the requirements before attempting to arrange moving any vehicles abroad to avoid major problems once the vehicle arrives at it’s destination.

The real key to moving cars and motor vehicles abroad is using the correct equipment and having the right expertise to do the job. As you can imagine it is no small task loading a vehicle into a shipping container and ensuring that it is secured for it’s journey around the world.


We understand that when you are moving abroad the prospect of living without your personal effects for several weeks may not be very appealing. This is where airfreight can be a real help as it can ensure that certain items can arrive within days. It is also very useful for sending low volume high value effects as they arrive very quickly. A number of our clients ship selected items by air whilst the bulk of their effects follow by sea. As an example container shipping to the USA can take 6 – 10 weeks whereas an airfreight consignment based on consolidation can take 5 -10 days.


An essential part of our international shipping is moving pets abroad. To do this the Britannia Group work in association with Petair UK. Veterinary surgeons, nurses and animal health care specialists manage the company and dedicate themselves to providing an excellent pet transport service. Petair ship all types of household pets around the world ranging from cats and dogs to rats and chinchillas. They fly over 100 animals a month and offer a 24 hour emergency help line for peace of mind.

Your pet can be collected from your home or you can go directly to the airport where you will be met by one of the Petair UK team who will go through all the documents and also make sure your pet is happy and calm before it is loaded on to the aircraft. Your pet will not be sedated at any point as the airlines like to see that the animal is calm and happy and ready to travel.

Having a great relationship with many airlines means that if a plane will take a pet Petair UK will book it. Careful flight selection is made to ensure that your pet has the most comfortable journey possible. All the crates are custom made for your pet to ensure a safe and secure environment to travel in. The crates are sprayed with specific pheromones that keep the animal calm and also bedding that keeps the pet dry. Some vaccinations are necessary before travel. For example, a dog travelling to the US requires a rabies jab before it can fly.