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Office Removals in Kent

Moving offices and require a professional removal service?


At Britannia Bearsbys we know that moving to a new office or commercial premises is often a necessary evil which can cause stress and disruption to your business. With our vast experience in handling office & commercial moves we can take as much of that stress away from your move as possible. We provide a comprehensive service to allow businesses to relocate or store their furniture and equipment securely and quickly.

With any commercial move our aim is to keep your business downtime to a minimum. We can work outside of outside of office hours in the evening or even at the weekend should you require it.

We have experience in dealing with singular office spaces and larger corporations such as the Kent County Council. We can provide a project managed move should you require it or alternatively just provide you with a team of highly trained removals and packing staff for the day.



Whilst moving an office to a new location it’s important to ensure that the contents of all the desks, cupboards and filing cabinets end up in the right place to minimise any downtime caused by the move itself. To do this, we supply heavy duty plastic crates for packing up any loose items. It’s important to make sure that anything that can fit into a crate is put into a crate. It prevents items being misplaced or placed in the wrong location. Clear labelling is another essential part of any office removal.

The crates all come in one size but are large enough to fit a number of files, computer terminals, telephones and stationery. Although most businesses usually prefer to pack up their office themselves. Office packing is a service that we can offer. As with domestic removals, the packing service usually takes place the day before the removal itself.


A section of our warehouse facility is dedicated to safe and secure containerised archive storage.

Each container holds between 80 and 100 standard archive boxes and can be locked independently. We can offer a collection and delivery service should you require it or alternatively our facility is open between 08:30 and 17:30 Monday to Friday should you wish to come and collect anything yourself.

We currently store thousands of archives for a number of local businesses and have done for many years. For more information about the different types of archive storage that we can offer please contact us using the information shown below.


Here at Britannia Bearsbys we firmly believe that we had seen it all before. Recently however we were asked to move Maidstone Museum into its new premises. At first moving a museum can seem like an incredibly daunting prospect. However, although the goods in questions are undoubtedly very fragile, we still used the same techniques and the same processes that we use with any domestic removal or office move. We are pleased to say that Maidstone Museum were very pleased with the work that we carried out and since this move took place. We have been asked by another museum in the local area to help them move into their new premises too.