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About Us

A bit about us – Many moons ago when Paul Bearsby left college he started working for a large national removals company. Slowly but surely he rose through the ranks and at twenty five became one of the youngest branch managers in the history of the company. After a few short years he decided to start working for himself. He moved back into his parents house, bought one removals vehicle and along with Annette Bearsby and one employee he worked out of a wardrobe operating removals all over the UK and Europe. After his first year he took on a second employee Mr Peter Rye and continued to grow the company. Pete is currently still working with us as one of our European removals drivers. His experience in driving HGV vehicles throughout Europe is second to none. Over the years Paul Bearsby slowly took on more and more staff and moved into his first office space and storage facility on the high brooms industrial estate in Tunbridge Wells. He continued to grow the business and eventually moved to Vale Road in Tonbridge and then the Branbridges Industrial Estate in East Peckham. In 2005 Bearsby Removals became proud members of the The Britannia Group. Although now operating under the globally recognizable Britannia banner. Britannia Bearsby’s continue to be a completely independent company operated by Paul Bearsby himself.

In recent years Britannia have become one of the top ten international shipping companies in the UK carrying out removals all around the world. We have also become the premier removals company for removals to Italy and are now out on the continent most weeks of the year. We have been working very hard over the years to gain the reputation we have and with it comes our accreditation’s. We are now the most accredited removals company in our area and are always looking at ways to improve the services we can provide. In 2021 in spite of the pandemic we now employ over 25 full time staff and we have moved into a new office space and storage facility that holds 600 storage containers. Paul Bearsby continues to head up the company along with help from his son Robert Bearsby and his daughter Katey Bearsby.

Michael Hart is now our transport manager and alongside Ralph Sayers runs the UK side of things. We are looking forward to the future and hope to continue to grow the company.