Whether you are a Brexiteer or a Remainer or simply have no idea (which isn’t surprising given the rubbish that has come from both sides of the argument) there is no doubt that what it has done is to create a lot of uncertainty over everyone’s future. This particularly affects the housing market which tends to be one of the first industries that show a decline whenever there is uncertainty over the economy. After all you may get fed up with it all and book a weekend away or go out for a meal but buying a new home or moving house is a lot different. As such, our business could be affected more than most. Whilst we have seen a decline in initial enquiries we have continued to keep our trucks rolling by offering what we consider to be very competative quotations and excellent service. Our trucks are still regularly running to Europe and in particular Italy where we specialise and the number of international moves to the USA and Australia appears to have increased.

We will continue to offer our best quotations and our very best service despite whatever our great leaders decide is best for us all (wish I had faith in any of them)