The problem that most removal companies have is that people don’t usually move house every week. Today i spoke to a man who’d like to use Britannia Bearsbys again because we moved him into his property 23 years ago. I find that amazing that even after such a long time my surname/our company name has stuck in someones mind when they thought about removals.
A lot of our business comes from people who have used us before as well as recommendations from family and friends which is great and it is exactly the kind of business we like to run. A small amount of our customers however usually come from people who have had a bad experience with other removals companies and that is where this article comes in.
We love to hear from people and we will always gladly send out our Estimators to take a look at a job to give them a price. That is our price though, after twenty five years we have accumulated a large number of corporate clients including our local county council which if nothing else is an example of the level of customer service we provide. We believe that all of the accreditations and qualifications we have. Combined with the level of customer service and experience that our removals teams provide that our pricing structure is both fair and accessible to anyone who would like to move house.
Despite this, some people decide to go with the cheapest quote they receive and unfortunately will more often than not have a bad experience. As i am writing this i just picked up the phone to a man who was getting another quote because he felt the two he’d got already seemed to be a bit too low. This is exactly what you should do, whether you’re in Kent, Surrey, London, Europe, America or anywhere in the world be inquisitive and don’t just go for the cheapest quote you get. Moving a house is a lot of work and loading a lorry is an art form so anyone who says they can do it for you on a budget almost definitely cannot do it to the same standard that a fully fledged BAR registered removals company can.
The purpose of this blog post is not to tell you how fantastic my family company is but to make you think the next time you are moving anything anywhere in the world. There is a large amount of fantastic removals companies out there that deserve your custom and will provide you with a fantastic service. After you have gone through the excitement of picking the house you want to make your home, paid the legal fees and your stamp duty and any other costs involved with moving. Do not try and save on the removal costs, you get what you pay for.