Britannia Bearsbys are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of the latest addition to our fleet. After much debating and considerable research in to suitable vehicle Makes and Vehicle Body Building Companies we finally settled on what we think is going to be the most useful truck in our fleet. Whilst we considered the cost an important factor we settled on the truck that we thought would give us the most reliability and driver comfort. A brand new Mercedes 14 Ton truck with a 3 container removal body purpose built by Vancraft of Norfolk. This was by no means the cheapest option but in our opinion the best looking. The truck which has cost over £110,000.00 has been specifically designed to encounter the narrow lanes and tight driveways we often have to negotiate in our area, whilst being able to carry far more weight than standard 3 container removal vehicles. It has a double sleeper cab and so is ideal for sending away to places like Devon and Cornwall or anywhere a smaller truck with a large carrying capacity is required. As well as a sleeper cab it has been fitted with a number of new innovations such as front and rear facing cameras.
This vehicle follows hot on the heels of our last truck which was even larger and designed to tow a trailer with a combined weight of 43 Tons. Our fleet continues to be upgraded due to the volume of work we now do in this country and in particular travelling to Italy every other week.
Add this to the brand new shredding van which we purchased last month which has now been liveried up in our Simply Shredding logo, we have a modern fleet of vehicles capable of covering every eventuality that we are presented with.