It’s currently 5:24pm on a Friday afternoon and as the end of the week is inching ever closer I thought I would write a little blog post about a question I was asked this week by one of my clients – What is the difference between self storage and removal companies?  I would say that we are moving more people into our storage facility than ever before. A lot more people seem to like the idea of  moving out of their current property into storage whilst they hunt for their dream home.
Self storage facilities are great. You are given a little room to call your own and you will have access to it twenty four hours a day. You can continue to fill up the room to your hearts content and nobody will see those embarrassing pictures of you as a child or that ugly cabinet your mum gave you. The only trouble is, it can cost you a fortune to keep it. I recently went out to give a quotation to a customer who kept all of his goods in his self storage unit. He had barely filled the room but had one of the biggest units available. When I told him that he could fit all of his belongings into just one of our standard containers for just £10 per week his mouth dropped. He’d been paying £100 per week for this huge room that had barely anything in it. Unfortunately there were not any blog posts available like this for him to read up on. So he just went with this big shiny storage company and assumed that the price they’d given him was legit.
I think perhaps sometimes people prefer the idea of being able to access their storage facility whenever they like. However, the whole point of storage is that you just want to store it somewhere and keep it out the way. Also, if you are paying for a room surely you would want to fill it up as much as possible to make the most out of it. Which would also mean that you probably wouldn’t be able to get in the door anyway.
This is where removal companies come in. We all use standard furniture storage containers. We load the furniture into the containers and then we only charge for the containers that you use. I think perhaps the difference is that moving companies make their money from moving houses. Storage is just something that we offer because our customers need it which means we can offer the service at a much lower rate than the companies that offer nothing else.
In conclusion, if you have a few bits and pieces or an entire house worth of furniture that you need to store. Go and speak to your local removals company because they will be much more cost effective. They will also be able to assist you in moving into their facility and moving back out again. It’s has to be worth a phone call at least.