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International House Removals to Australia

Moving down under to Australia and need a reliable company with 40 years experience?

International Movers to Australia from the UK

Moving to Australia?

Moving Locally can be one challenge, but moving abroad can feel like a “bridge too far”. It’s stressful right? Well, not if you hire a removal company to do the mental and physical heavy lifting. Get a quote from us today and begin that dream move down under.

Moving to Australia from the UK

Why move to Australia?

Moving from the UK to Australia can be an exciting adventure, and there are several compelling reasons to make the move. Here are five:

Climate and Lifestyle: Australia is known for its diverse and generally favorable climate. With its abundant sunshine and outdoor activities, it offers a healthier and more active lifestyle compared to the UK’s often gloomy and rainy weather. The outdoor culture in Australia, with its beautiful beaches and natural landscapes, can be a major draw.

Economic Opportunities: Australia has a strong and stable economy with a lower unemployment rate compared to the UK. The country often experiences skill shortages in various industries, making it an attractive destination for professionals seeking new career opportunities. The strong Australian dollar can also provide a higher standard of living for many expats.

Quality of Education: Australia is home to several world-renowned universities and offers high-quality education. If you have children, you may appreciate the strong education system, which can provide them with excellent academic opportunities.

Diverse Cultural Experience: Australia is a multicultural society with a rich tapestry of cultural influences from around the world. This diversity is reflected in its food, festivals, and cultural events. It’s an excellent place to experience different cultures and meet people from all over the globe.

Stunning Natural Beauty: Australia boasts some of the world’s most breathtaking natural landscapes, from the Great Barrier Reef to the vast Outback and lush rainforests. If you’re a nature enthusiast or someone who enjoys outdoor adventures, Australia offers a wide range of activities, including hiking, surfing, snorkeling, and wildlife exploration.

While moving to Australia has its appeal, it’s essential to consider factors like the cost of living, visa requirements, and the distance from family and friends. It’s also crucial to research and plan thoroughly to ensure a smooth transition to your new life down under.

    Moving Destinations in Australia from the UK

    Moving to Sydney in Australia from the UK removal company

    Moving to Sydney from the UK

    Moving to Sydney, Australia, is an exciting adventure. With its stunning harbor, iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, and beautiful beaches, it offers a vibrant urban lifestyle amid natural beauty. Sydney’s diverse culture, excellent education, and job opportunities make it a sought-after destination for both residents and expatriates.

    Removal Company from the UK to Melbourne Australia

    Moving to Melbourne from the UK

    Moving to Melbourne, Australia, means immersing yourself in a cultural mecca. Known for its vibrant arts scene, diverse cuisine, and world-class coffee, Melbourne is a city of endless exploration. The city’s beautiful parks, sporting events, and educational opportunities make it an enticing destination for residents seeking a cosmopolitan yet relaxed lifestyle.

    Removal Company to Perth Australia from the UK

    Moving to Perth from the UK

    Relocating to Perth, Australia, promises a relaxed yet dynamic lifestyle. Known for its abundant sunshine and pristine beaches, Perth offers outdoor enthusiasts a haven. The city’s strong economy, quality education, and friendly locals create an inviting environment for newcomers. It’s a great place to call home in the land down under.

    Moving to Adelaide from the UK removal firm

    Moving to Adelaide from the UK

    Relocating to Adelaide, Australia, offers a serene and welcoming experience. With its charming heritage architecture, well-planned city layout, and proximity to renowned wine regions, Adelaide embodies a laid-back yet sophisticated lifestyle. The city’s cultural events, affordable living, and friendly community create a unique and inviting atmosphere for newcomers.

    Other places to move to in Australia include Brisbane, Canberra, Karratha, Darwin, Cairns and Newcastle

    How much would it cost to move to Australia from the UK?

    There are many factors involved in moving the other side of the world so we always need to speak to you first so that we can understand everything that you will be taking with you. Just click on a Contact Us button and we will be get in touch with you.

    Moving to Australia from UK with your family

    Moving overseas can seem like a very daunting prospect, especially when you are moving all the way to the other side of the world. There is a lot to organize, insurance documents to work through and all sorts of other plans to make. At Britannia Bearsbys we believe that the best defence is a good offence and the key to that offence is lots of experience and good local knowledge. As proud members of the Britannia Group we are one of forty independent removals companies that operate underneath the globally recognized Britannia banner. Although we are an independent family run company in the heart of Kent, our connection to Britannia allows us to ship any amount of furniture to anywhere in the world. Together, as Britannia Movers International we are one of the top ten shipping companies in the whole of the UK.

    Back in 1987 if Paul Bearsby wanted to move one of his customers overseas he would have to operate through a much larger shipping company that could almost dictate shipping rates to him. This meant that his customers would pay a premium for using an independent local business. We are pleased to say that now, as part of the Britannia Group, we have our very own in-house shipping department that deals with all of the imports and exports on behalf of the entire group. Not only does this allow us to offer shipping at much more competitive rates but it also allows us to offer part load services or Groupage as it is more commonly known. Groupage or Part Load is a service for when you are only shipping a few items over to Australia. You might not want to bring the entire contents of your home and so you do not require a shipping container to yourself. Provided you are slightly more flexible with the time frame we can combine your shipment with some other like-minded travellers, split the cost of the container and pass the savings on to you.

    Other Moving Services by Bearsbys

    As well as local moving services in Kent to places like Sevenoaks, we also provide moving services to Europe. We provide services abroad to places in Scandanavia like Finland and also to countries like Sweden