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Moving home to France and need a removal company? 


 Probably the largest move we have ever carried out to France involved five full Pantechnicon loads to the Pitou-Charentes Region. As our client wanted each load to arrive at weekly intervals we were able to use the same staff to deliver each load. After 5 weeks they became such good friends that one of our removals staff has had several holidays with them since!

The client literally did take everything including the kitchen sink. One of the five loads included a complete kitchen and 2 bathrooms (including the sinks), together with tractors, trailers, scaffolding, show jumps and even a Victorian lamp post. Obviously not all of our removals to France are as involved as this. The majority of moves consist of shared loads where each customer pays for the amount of space they utilise in the truck, thereby sharing the load and sharing the cost. As we run to France every two weeks this is often a very popular and economical method for customers moving to France.

Another example of one of our more unusual removals to France; we recently delivered an entire barn full of farming equipment including a renovated 1933 Bedford Truck which still ran. Our customer was even able to drive it into our truck and back out again using our specially adapted car ramps.

For more information about the different services we offer for moving to France please do not hesitate to contact us using the information provided below. Unlike many other removal companies in Kent we have a removals team out on the continent almost every week of the year. We also provide moving abroad services to european countries like Sweden and Italy plus local removal services in Kent. We also ship to the United States of America and beyond. Enquire Today via the “Request a Quote” option below.

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