Once again I find myself sat here at 5:30pm on a Friday afternoon feeling like I should answer another question I get asked quite regularly. Why are good moving companies so expensive?  Well, the trouble is that removals is actually really really hard and a lot more work goes into it than people realize. To start with you have to find us. This means countless hours spent looking after our branding, advertising and marketing to make sure that firstly, you can find us. But secondly, that you like what you see. Every move then requires a quotation. We send someone out to you, assess what needs to be moved and supply you with a beautifully designed, easy to read quotation via email. After which you then have an account manager assigned to your move, they are available throughout the whole process for any questions you may have and to talk you through the removals plan that we have set out.
After a few more questions and discussions you have accepted your quote. At which point we provide you with all of the necessary packing and wrapping materials. The full time employees then come out to you on the day, jump into a purpose built removals truck in their smart uniforms, fill it up with diesel and off they go to your property. The guys use the experience and the knowledge they have learned at training weekends to safely load all of your belongings into the vehicle, take it to your new address and unload it safely into your new property with a smile on their face. All of this requires extensive organisation and management by the office team who are also on hand during the day to answer any questions you might have or any problems you may encounter.
Sometimes people say things like, can’t you just knock off a few hundred pounds? Unfortunately the answer is no. The idea of this blog is not to promote my company but to answer questions and provide relevant and interesting content for all things moving house. With that in mind the one piece of information I cannot stress enough is ‘you get what you pay for!‘. We don’t aim to be the cheapest company in our area but we certainly aim to be the best.
When it comes to moving house we are the last leg of the journey and so I think it’s easy to forget that the most important part of your new home is your belongings. Wherever you are in the world and whoever you choose to use for your removal. Don’t use someone because they are the cheapest, use them because you like the business, you like what they said and you trust them with your belongings.