The Britannia Group

Britannia Movers International was originally formed back in 1981. The idea was to provide shipping services to small and medium-sized removal companies to allow them to compete with some of the larger more established corporations. Before Britannia Movers International was formed, any small to medium sized removal company wishing to ship goods abroad were obliged to subcontract their work out to larger corporations at uncompetitive rates.
Over the next thirty four years Britannia Movers International continued to evolve and developed into a co-operative of forty vetted independent removal companies. Membership into the Britannia Group is by invitation only and although we are all independent removers we operate underneath the globally recognizable Britannia banner. We can ship any amount of furniture to anywhere in the world at very competitive rates to almost any time frame. For more information on the history of Britannia Movers International you can find the full history on the Britannia Movers website.